Week of 3/28/2009

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- CFP Championship Decided This Weekend In Pocatello!!


- World Finals


- World Finals
Qualifying Results!!

- TheMonsterBlog.com World Finals Preview!!


- Jonesboro, AR AMP Thunder Slam Highlight Video!!

- Truk Wurks Off Road Welcomes Hooker Harness!!


- Jonesboro, AR Monster Truck Thunder Slam Recap!!


- Monster Truck Thunder Drags 2009 Lineups Announced!!

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As of 3/22/09


Dennis Anderson

Grave Digger



Pablo Huffaker

Grave Digger



Jimmy Creten

Bounty Hunter



Charlie Pauken

Grave Digger



Gary Porter

Grave Digger



Tom Meents

Maximum Destruction



Randy Brown

Grave Digger



Chad Tingler

Grave Digger



John Seasock




Rod Schmidt

Grave Digger


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Point Standings!!

2009 Winter Nationals

As of 3/22/09


Larry Swim

Bigfoot Bad Boy



Jon Zimmer

Amsoil Shock Therapy



Isaiah Morales

Hot Tamale



Mike Hawkins




Bill Payne

Rock Star



Dan Runte

Summit Bigfoot



Brad Campbell

Public Disturbance



Jennifer Campbell

Bomb Shell



Paul Strong

Martial Law



Sean Duhon

Cult Energy


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Monster Truck Grand Nationals Championship Weekend In Pocatello!!:  The Monster Blog is in preparations to head out to Pocatello, ID for the Checkered Flag Productions Monster Truck Grand Nationals Championship Weekend!!  Eight strong trucks will battle it out in racing and freestyle Saturday night at the ISU Holt Arena including:  Larry Swim in Bigfoot Bad Boy, Jon Zimmer in Amsoil Shock Therapy, Isaiah Morales in Hot Tamale, Mike Hawkins in Equalizer, Bill Payne in Rock Star, Dan Runte in Snake Bite, Teri Olson in Miss Behavin and Tim Messentis in Excaliber.  The first five of those drivers listed above represent the top 5 in CFP points, and all will have a shot at the season championship this weekend.

     TheMonsterBlog.com will be on hand to cover the event bigger than we ever have before. Our plans include the biggest episode of TMB TV thus far in 2009, a huge event photo gallery, preview photos and footage Friday night, and the debut of TMB Trackside Live, a new radio style show that will allow us to bring you live coverage from select major events.

     The current plan is for two TMB Trackside Live shows Saturday, an afternoon preview edition jam-packed with driver interviews and pre-race analysis, and the main event...a live audio broadcast of the Monster Truck Grand Nationals. Our good friend Jeff "Roller" Richards, host of Motorsports Live Radio, will be joining us in Pocatello this weekend and will be anchoring our coverage Saturday night, along with co-hosting the preview show with TMB TV host Ross Z. Bonar. Air times will be announced Friday evening.
      We've got so much coming up for you from Pocatello this weekend, stay tuned and see who will return home a champion!!  (04/02/09)









Meents Wins Racing Championship, Bradshaw Takes Freestyle Title!!:  Tom Meents has taken his fourth World Finals Racing Championship, winning the finals over Alex Blackwell in Captain's Curse, while Damon Bradshaw has become the new World Champion of Freestyle with a great run in Air Force Afterburner!!  Congratulations from all of us at TheMonsterBlog.com  to Tom and Damon on their huge wins!!  See below for full racing and freestyle results:


Big upsets in round one as Damon Bradshaw and Air Force Afterburner takes down Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger, and Lupe Soza in El Toro Loco take down the two-time defending champion John Seasock in Batman.

Round 1 Racing

Madusa def. Stone Crusher

Pastrana 199 def. Superman

Air Force Afterburner def. Grave Digger

Brutus def. Avenger

Captain’s Curse def. Destroyer

Escalade def. King Krunch

El Toro Loco def. Batman
War Wizard def. Monster Mutt Dalmation


Round two of racing is complete, and more upsets!  First Madusa takes down the top qualifier when Frank Krmel spun Donkey Kong in the corner.  Then Pablo Huffaker has trouble getting down the straightaway in Turtle, allowing Chris Bergeron in Brutus to take the big win.  Tom Meents ran the fastest time of the night, more racing coming up!

Round 2 Racing

Madusa def. Donkey Kong

Safe Auto Minimizer def. Pastrana 199

Maximum Destruction def. Air Force Afterburner

Brutus def. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Captain's Curse def. Taz (Taz rolls over in Thunder Alley)

Monster Mutt def. Escalade

Blue Thunder def. El Toro Loco

Bounty Hunter def. War Wizard

Round 3 Racing

Safe Auto Minimizer def. Madusa

Maximum Destruction def. Brutus

Captain's Curse def. Monster Mutt

Blue Thunder def. Bounty Hunter


Semi-Final Round Racing

Maximum Destruction def. Safe Auto Minimizer

Captain's Curse def. Blue Thunder

Final Round Racing

Maximum Destruction def. Captain's Curse (Blackwell rolls over hard, crashes into wall, is OK)


Freestyle Results (Possible 45 Points)

1) Air Force Afterburner - Damon Bradshaw - 36  (Great run, biggest air of the night)

2) Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten - 32  (Strong run, huge backwards rollover after slap wheelie)

3) Brutus - Chris Bergeron - 29  (Strong run, used full time)

4) Blue Thunder - Linsey Weenk - 28  (Strong run, lots of big air)

5) Stone Crusher - Steve Sims - 26  (Solid run, rollover)

6) Travis Pastana - Nitro Circus - 26  (Replaced McQueen, rollover trying triple jump)

7) Monster Mutt - Charlie Pauken - 26  (Solid run, battled on with flat tires)

8) Taz - Chad Tingler - 25  (Solid run, replacing injured Adam Anderson after racing rollover)

9) Monster Mutt Dalmation - Candace Jolly - 24  (Bonus time, rollover)

10) Grave Digger - Dennis Anderson - 23  (Nearly full time, rollover during donut)

11) King Krunch - David Smith - 23  (Bonus time)

12) Batman - John Seasock - 21  (Nearly full time, rollover)

13) Donkey Kong - Frank Krmel - 21  (Ended early, broke off rear wheel)

14) El Toro Loco - Lupe Soza - 21  (Bonus Time, rollover)

15) War Wizard - Randy Moore - 19  (Bonus time, rollover during donut)

16) Maximum Destruction - Tom Meents - 19  (Short run, broke)

17) Destroyer - Dan Evans - 17  (Bonus time)

18) TMNT - Pablo Huffaker - 17  (Short run, rollover)

19) Madusa - Debra Miceli - 16  (Bonus time, rollover)

20) Safe Auto Minimizer - Marc MacDonald - 13  (Short run, rollover)

21) Superman - Chad Forunte - 8  (Short run, rollover)

22) Escalade - George Belhan - 8  (Short run, rollover)

23) Avenger - Jim Koehler - 4  (One hit, rollover)

24) Captain's Curse - Alex Blackwell - DNR  (Out after hard rollover in racing)


More updates as things progress!  (03/28/09)

World Finals Qualifying Results!!:  Qualifying for World Finals X is in the books, and it was Frank Krmel in Donkey Kong taking the top spot with a great run, timing in at 16.50. Congrats to Frank on a great run, see below for full results:

Driver - Truck - Time

1 - Frank Krmel – Donkey Kong – 16.50

2 - Jimmy Creten – Bounty Hunter – 16.53

3 - Adam Anderson – Taz – 16.56

4 - Pablo Huffaker – TMNT – 16.56

5 - Tom Meents – Maximum Destruction – 16.63

6 - Charlie Pauken – Monster Mutt – 16.66

7- Linsey Weenk – Blue Thunder – 16.90

8 - Marc MacDonald – Safe Auto Miminizer – 16.94

9 - Cam McQueen – Pastrana 199 – 16.97

10 - Lupe Soza – El Toro Loco – 17.00

11 - George Belhan – Escalade – 17.07

12 - Damon Bradshaw – Air Force Afterburner – 17.13

13 - Chris Bergeron – Brutus – 17.25

14 - Alex Blackwell – Captain’s Curse – 17.28

15 - Debra Miceli – Madusa – 17.34

16 - Candace Jolly – Monster Mutt Dalmation – 17.35

17 - Chad Fortune – Superman – 17.40

18 - Dennis Anderson – Grave Digger – 17.56

19 - John Seasock – Batman – 17.65

20 - David Smith – King Krunch – 17.65

21 - Jim Koehler – Avenger –  17.66

22 - Dan Evans – Destroyer – 17.72

23 - Randy Moore – War Wizard – 18.15

24 - Steve Sims – Stone Crusher – Did Not Run (Rollover during first round of practice)

Check out www.MonsterJamOnline.com for more coverage from the World Finals!!  (03/27/09)

TheMonsterBlog.com World Finals Preview!!:  The monster truck industry is brimming with excitement as we are only 24 hours away from World Finals X!!  The industry’s biggest event and the crowning of the most coveted titles in monster trucks has nearly arrived, which means it is time for TMB’s annual World Finals Preview article, featuring thoughts and analysis on the 2009 Monster Jam season and the upcoming championship event. We’ll take a look at the finalist selections, acknowledge the most outstanding drivers of the year and discuss who we expect to be in the mix for each championship tomorrow night. Click the link below to check out TMB's World Finals Preview, and be sure to stay tuned to www.MonsterJamOnline.com for up-to-the-minute coverage of all this weekend's excitement!!  (03/27/09)



Jonesboro, AR Monster Truck Thunder Slam Highlight Video!!:  The AMP Live Events Monster Truck Thunder Slam at the Jonesboro, AR ASU Convocation Center saw Bounty Hunter, Predator, Prowler, Monster Patrol and Undertaker going head-to-head in wheelie, racing and freestyle contests. Now you can see all the action in another great Bite Me Production Studios highlight video courtesy of our good friend Colby Marshall. Also, be sure to check out the on-board camera from Bounty Hunter's freestyle. Thanks to Colby for the great video, enjoy!!  (03/25/09)



Truk Wurks Off Road Welcomes Hooker Harness!!: (Indianapolis, IN) Truk Wurks Off Road, home of the Bar’s Leaks Eliminator and Rislone Defender monster trucks would like to proudly welcome Hooker Harness to our roster of fine associate sponsors!
Since their inception in the 1970’s, Hooker Harness has gone on to become the most respected and well-known producer of aerobatic harnesses. Their knowledge of and background in aviation harnesses has provided them with a solid foundation for their increasing presence in the auto racing industry. Their deep commitment to the high-flying world of monster truck racing is readily apparent, and we here at Truk Wurks are proud to be using their products on board our trucks!

     “In my 20 years of monster truck racing, I’ve used my fair share of belts and harnesses,” said Truk Wurks general manager and lead driver Greg Adams. “Over the years, we’ve upgraded our seats, our shocks, and our driving gear. But it seems like our racing harnesses just haven’t changed much. That’s why I was so excited when we began working with the great folks at Hooker Harness."
     “The Hooker Harness setup came strongly recommended by the 2Xtreme monster truck team (Bounty Hunter, Iron Outlaw) so once we started looking into it, I knew it would live up to the talk we had heard,” said Truk Wurks team manager Kyle Doyle. “We worked closely with the folks at Hooker to develop the right setup for our trucks and seats; their attention to detail was flawless. They definitely aren’t an ‘off-the-shelf’ kind of company.”
     Technological improvements in monster truck suspensions and driving gear have allowed drivers to push their vehicles harder and farther than ever imagined. Products like those manufactured by Hooker Harness will not only help this progress along, but keep it as safe as possible at the same time. “We don’t take chances when it comes to safety,” stated Greg Adams. “That’s why we are very proud to be working with Hooker Harness, because they don’t take safety for granted either.”
     For more information on Hooker Harness, including information on their aviation and racing products, as well as up to date news, be sure to visit them online at www.HookerHarness.com!!  (03/25/09)

Jonesboro, AR AMP Monster Truck Thunder Slam Recap!!:  The AMP Live Events Monster Truck Thunder Slam returned to the ASU Convocation Center in Jonesboro, AR for one night of monster truck action in front of a packed house of monster fans!!  Bounty Hunter, Predator, Monster Patrol, Prowler and Undertaker would be competing in wheelie, racing and freestyle, with things getting started with a bang. David Brown was the first driver out in the wheelie contest, and a nice wheelie saw Monster Patrol fall to one side and despite Brown's best efforts, the truck would end on its lid.

     After solid efforts from Shane Phreed in Undertaker and Lenny Kuilder in Prowler, Allen Pezo rolled to the track in Predator. Pezo nailed the car stack and stood Predator straight up and down in a great wheelie, but the truck landed crooked on the cars sending it right over with a vicious cage hit on the concrete.

     Allen popped out of the truck to the thunderous applause of the Arkansas fans, and promised to make his second hit in the wheelie contest if the truck checked out ok. The truck was rolled over, check out and cleared, and Allen proceeded to stand the truck up straight up and down once more to the delight of the fans. Darren Migues in Bounty Hunter followed with a decent wheelie, but there was little doubt as to who the winner was and Pezo picked up the first victory of the night.
     The racing competition would be held on a Chicago-style layout, which is always interesting at a concrete event. Darren Migues marched through to the finals and despite the best efforts of Lenny Kuilder in Prowler, Bounty Hunter would emerge the racing winner.

     Freestyle would start with a strong effort from David Brown in Monster Patrol, as Brown stood the truck up and down several times before finishing with a nice donut.

     Lenny Kuilder in Prowler put forth a nice run while Allen Pezo in Predator struggled after breaking a steering belt early in his run. Much like racing however, freestyle would be all Bounty Hunter as Darren Migues roared around the track, keeping up tons of momentum and catching nice air clearing the car stacks, as well as throwing in a couple donuts. In the crowd cheeroff, the choice was clear and Bounty Hunter would pick up the freestyle win.

     A big thanks to Ron Woodbridge and Scott Hart with AMP Live Events for their hospitality, and to "Roller" Jeff Richards, host of Motorsports Live Radio, who was announcing Saturday night. Also a thanks to all drivers and teams for their efforts. Stay tuned for a full photo gallery from Ross Z. Bonar and another killer highlight video from Colby Marshall, but in the meantime check out some of the major moments from the show below, footage courtesy of Rajeana Bonar!! (03/15/09)

Monster Truck Thunder Drags® 2009 Lineups Announced!!: (Indianapolis, IN) Some of the most popular monster trucks in the world will compete on the Monster Truck Thunder Drags Tour at 4-Wheel Jamboree events in 2009. The Monster Truck Thunder Drags are a marquee draw for the series of 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals that will be staged at six venues in 2009, as well as the Truck & Jeep Fest scheduled for Canfield, Ohio. Monsters will be unleashed all across America, see below to find out which trucks will be competing at each event!

* The Ozarks will welcome the series again in 2009!
12th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
May 2-3- Missouri Entertainment and Event Center- Springfield, Missouri
Monster Truck Lineup:  Bigfoot, Avenger, Brutus, Spike, General Tire Truck, High Maintenance

* Lima, Ohio is always a huge stop on the Jamboree series!
24th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts Spring 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
May 15-17 - Allen County Fairgrounds - Lima, Ohio
Monster Truck Lineup:  Bigfoot, Snake Bite, Avenger, General Tire Truck, Raminator, Tail Gator, Rammunition, Big Dawg

* The series returns to Illinois!
3rd Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts Midwest 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
June 27-28 - Illinois State Fairgrounds - Springfield, Illinois
Monster Truck Lineup:  Bounty Hunter, Avenger, General Tire Truck, Raminator, Rammunition

* Summertime has meant Bloomsburg, PA for 4-Wheelers for over 2 decades!
22nd Annual Summer 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
July 10-12 - Bloomsburg Fairgrounds - Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Monster Truck Lineup:  Bigfoot, Avenger, General Tire Truck, Raminator, Rammunition, Black Stallion, Rock Star, Miss Behavin

* Jeeps get the spotlight again in 2009 at the Truck & Jeep Fest!
3rd Annual Truck & Jeep Fest Presented by 4 Wheel Parts & 4 Wheel Drive Hardware
July 25-26 - Canfield Fairgrounds - Canfield, Ohio
Monster Truck Lineup:  Bigfoot, Bounty Hunter, Tail Gator, Big Dawg, Pro Comp Truck

* The series returns to Vermont
14th Annual Bond Auto Parts New England 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
August 1-2 - Champlain Valley Exposition - Essex Junction, VT
Monster Truck Lineup:  Avenger, Brutus, Spike, General Tire Truck, Raminator, Rammunition, Eradicator, Backdraft

* 2009 will wrap up with the biggest event of the year!
28th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts Fall 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
September 18-20 - Indiana State Fairgrounds - Indianapolis, Indiana
Monster Truck Lineup:  Bigfoot, Avenger, Brutus, Spike, General Tire Truck, Raminator, Rammunition, High Maintenance

     Check out the www.FamilyEvents.com website for more information on the upcoming 2009 Monster Truck Thunder Drags series!!  (03/11/08)




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